About Me


Aloha, I am Naomi Love. I am currently located between Maui Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado.

I am a Wisdom Keeper : : Medicine Woman, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Evolutionary Alchemist, Womb Shamaness, Holistic Pelvic Floor Practitioner, Certified Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Master Bodyworker, Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra Priestess & Facilitator, Shamanic Guide, Certified Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher & Doula. I am a Ceremonial Priestess of the Mayan Goddess, Ixchel handed down to me in the Maya Yucateca lineage AND I am the Creatrix of The Wise Womb Medicine Path Living School for the Temple & Healing Arts, a school devoted and dedicated to empowering women in coming home to the truth of themselves, facilitating deep healing through personal embodiment of sacred, earth centered practices.

I have been on my own personal healing, awakening journey for over twenty-five years. It has been an amazing and intense journey. I have had a full life of wild experiences all of which has guided my healers journey. It is through our voids that we are often driven to what it is we desire more of, and because of my experiences I began my journey at a very young age and I am thankful for everything I have experienced, as hard as it was, because it all led me to here, this moment.

My experiences gave me the drive I needed to dedicate myself to this path of becoming who I am. It is because of my experiences that I am able to meet YOU fully. I have devoted my life to personal growth and evolution. 

I specialize in Womb & Sexual Healing, Sacred Temple Arts, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching, Earth Centered Shamanic Healing, Evolutionary Alchemy, Ritual, Ceremony, Flower Essences, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine.

I offer my work through In Person and Remote Sessions, Personal Healing Retreats, Signature Programs; The Art of Love and Relating for Couples, Awaken for Personal Healing, Mastery Professional Development Program Healers. I also offer my work as it is needed to my community through classes, workshops, retreats, ceremonies, rituals. 

I work with those that identify as other, them, they, it, Woman, Men and I also work with Couples.


What I do... 

At the core, the foundation of what I do no matter what someone is coming to me for is I hold impeccable sacred space to gently inquire as to what is present, beneath the surface, behind closed eyes. I help you to become a master of your inner world so that you can co-create the life your heart and soul truly desire.

I help you to see where you are getting in the way of yourself, where you are sabotaging, where your beliefs have are not in actual alignment with your truth. I help you to realign, to remember why you are here and fully support you in bringing this new-found awareness and insight out into the world and teach you how to navigate the world from this new place.

Each session is unique, meeting you in the present moment and supporting you on your path to remembrance however best serves YOU.


Who is my Work for?

My work is for women, men and couples. Whether you are desiring healing for yourself, or for your relationships or if you are a healer looking to learn how to hone your skills and offer your work in a greater capacity, I am here to support you.

I do want to ensure that we are a match, and I offer Free 15 min. Discovery Calls for those curious about working together. It is important to me that people are ready to do the work, as the healing path is not for everyone. Not everyone is ready to go into the depths of what is held in the body and do the necessary healing work to fully stand in their authentic self.  


My Approach

We begin with an assessment, together we take a deep look into who you are and how you operate in the world, what you believe, what you think, who you surround yourself with, your family, ancestral lines, your relations, we look at how you process, how you see the world, we look at what you eat and how you eat. This is the profound process of getting to understand who you truly are inside of yourself and how you truly relate to the world. 

From here, we begin to see and notice where patterns lie that aren't serving the truth of you. We slowly begin to unravel that of which is no longer true, to restore harmony. By unwinding what isn't true, what doesn't serve, we can begin to find the truth of our essence. We can then align ourselves more fully with our desires. We can become who we desire to be.


Imagine this metaphor... You desire to grow an amazing abundant food and flower garden, but you don't really know the best way to go about how to start this process from scratch, you aren't sure how to assess the best spot to begin. The whole process takes time and commitment, you learn the basics and then, you start digging the spot, you come across roots and hard rocks while you are trying to till the ground, it takes a little more effort than you really desired at first.. and then you come to the place where now you must nourish the soil, make sure the soil has the right nutrients in it, the right amount of water.. and then, you add all this.. Then you have to research what plants grow well next to each other, which ones do you like, which ones grow in shade or in the partial or full sun... And now you plant the seeds, or plants... Remember you must also water them, you must make sure the bugs don't eat them all, that they are each getting what they need. Over time, the garden grows, you take pride in it, and the work is not yet done... You must continue to water, to compost any dead leaves, dying plants, we must be diligent to make sure each plant is getting what they need. This is a big process, it can be overwhelming... but it is one step at a time... and so worth it. 

This is the metaphor that explains spiritual process of living life as a human. We tend to think of healing, of living in this straight time line and it isn't. We must remember that life, and the healing process is circular. We don't complete healing, it doesn't just end one day. This is OUR work while we are on earth, to learn about ourselves, to learn about how we work, and through this process, we become empowered, we are no longer victimized by our experiences, we are then empowered! Empowered to be the truth of ourselves... We then inspire others on their path and we begin to change the world... by being Us.  

Are you ready to show up, to listen?  To walk your divine path? I am here to be a guide, a support because it takes a village, it takes time and we need to be held, each of us, needs to be witnessed. The world needs YOU right now to do your work, to help heal the collective pain bodies. 


Let's do it together. 


Naomi is magic. I have known her form many years and have had several amazing healing sessions with her. Somehow she always knows what you need. And I always look forward to the next session. Her tinctures are also wonderful and potent.
— Cory LoveJoy Lanai City, Hawaii


Welcoming ALL of you ...

Naomi Love is a master weaver of many wonderful things….. Her medicine runs deep and if you’re ready, she will swim with you, lovingly guiding you to the depths. She is very capable of holding a strong container for a group of women to explore and deepen relationships with each other and all parts of self. With decades of experience, she beautifully brings together a number of wisdom teachings which she shares through stories, music, ceremony, heart, womb, hands, and a clear transmission. For me, this class was about personal healing, deepening my own medicine and learning how to share the gifts. Praying that I will continue to study and spend time with this dear woman.
— Lisa Dionne Fort Collins, Colorado 
Naomi Love

Deep Breaths...

Taking time out to honor yourself, to arrive fully into the moment, to witness what is present.

Now is your time...