Art of Love and Relating 

What would it be like to be in relationship and not loose yourself, to be in conflict and still be able to track your emotions, your experience, your truth. To speak your needs in a way where you could be heard. What would it be like, if you could share the truth your soul with your beloved, or your family or friends. What if you knew how witness your loved ones and show up for them in a way that wasn't triggering you. That didn't set you off. What if you could clear the blocks in the way of being in harmony with one another?


This is possible! 


The Art of Love and Relating are for couples, family members and friends. Depending on the intention and desire will determine where we go within the session. 



➳ How to deepen in intimacy both inside yourself and with your person. 

➳ Relationship Resolution Practices, Forgiveness Practices as well as healing the Ancestral wounds that are keeping you from fully being in love. 

➳  Healing the Divine Masculine & Feminine - Heal the wounds you have held in your system that are keeping you held in old out dated patterns. 

➳ How to build trust.

➳ How to honor your partners body.  (for couples)

➳ How to name your personal needs. 


➳ How to listen to their needs. 

➳ Specific practices to build sexual energy (for couples)

➳ How to touch each other in a sacred, sensual and safe way. (for couples)

➳ How to share your feelings and experiences without triggering your partner.

➳ How to listen to your partners feelings and experiences without being triggered. 

➳ Rituals of love and honor. (for couples)

➳ Pleasure Rituals you can share with each other. (for couples)