Signature Programs 

Are you ready to

➳ Release what isn’t serving you so you can align yourself with your hearts deepest desires?

➳ To alchemize the perspectives which are holding you in old habits, relationships and behaviors?         

➳ To learn how to honor your needs?

➳ Learn how to soften into your heart space and allow true vulnerability?

➳ To learn how to communicate from an authentic place?

➳ To implement self care / self love practices into your daily life? 

➳ To deepen in your remembrance and connection with mother earth and your helping spirits?

➳ Learn to Co-Create & manifest while aligned with your highest self to create the life you desire?

➳ To step into your POWER and gifts?

➳ Your time time is now my love …  

➳ We need you to share your heart and come into the remembrance of your true nature. 

Each 3 Month Program is tailored to meet YOU! 

Each program begins with a deep assessment of the areas of living life that need to be re-organized, reset in order to be aligned with your highest devotion, your highest self. We will look at who you are at the core, what you think, what you believe, how & what you eat, your relationships with yourself including your body and all it’s parts as well as your career, your home etc.…To see where we need to bring light to release patterns that aren’t serving, so you can stand fully in the truth of YOU. 

After our initial assessment we will begin to create the structure and flow of how we will work together over the course of these three months. 

Each program  includes Five - In Person Sessions (if you are local) and Four - Remote sessions. If you are a distant client you will receive Nine Remote Sessions. Each session is about 90 minutes. You will also receive Three - 30 Min. check in calls throughout the three months duration as well as email support.

The medicine of this way of working is that it continues beyond the session into your everyday life experiences.. Depending on where you are ready to go within the immersion you will be held in a strong and steady container, you will be held, seen and witnessed.  

 You will receive the transmission and empowerment throughout this immersion to implement what we do in our sessions into your daily life. 


  • Cyclic Rituals
  • Self Love Practices
  • Meditations & Journey’s 
  • Restorative Cleanse
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Flower Essence to Support your Energetic Upgrade 

In the final session of our immersion, we will together create a self-motivated program for you to continue to practice, which is the integration time. In this time you will be on your own. This will show us where the next levels of support are needed if you choose to continue into another three-month immersion where we will go to the next level of remembrance.

This way of working, brings me the greatest joy, as it gives the time, space and devotion to support you on your path. To make the changes, to come into alignment with your heart and your true nature. 


How to Get Started

I am very selective about who I work with and it is important that we are a good match. This is an investment in yourself, which in and of itself can be a trigger for many people. I am here to support you to be your guide and trust is a HUGE part of the process.  I am equally invested in your empowerment. These Immersions are POWERFULL and require a high level of devotion and commitment.  I want to ensure that you are READY to step into the shifts, and are committed to yourself and to this journey. 


To honor your process we will take 30-60 min to connect and get to know each other to see if we are a good match.