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Nevada City : Journey to the Inner Garden : Tending to the Soul

Inner Path : Nevada City 

June 6th : 6 - 9pm

Join Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path™  & Wise Womb Way -  Naomi Love for an evening of Restorative Experiential Shamanic journeying. 

What can you expect:

  • The Inner garden is our metaphor for assessing where we have aligned within our selves, where we have forgotten and where we need to bring more energy and intention.

  • We will deeply drop into the presence within and Journey to our metaphorical inner landscapes to see what places needs tending. 

  • We will each in our own unique ways tend tot these places while held in the sacred.. Drums, rattles and the helping guides will hold the container for us each to feel safe, supported and held. 

  • Honoring each of our inner landscapes as unique we will use the garden metaphor to each cleanse, clear, nourish and water the areas within that need tending to. 

  • Gain awareness around what you have aligned with that is no longer serving you and tend to your inner garden to feel more nourished, connected and in tune with your natural rhythm.  

  • Leave feeling restored, upgraded energetically, more aligned with your true north, with your truest resonance. 

Meet Your Facilitator

Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper and Masterful Facilitator. Naomi teaches internationally and has been a Pioneer in the healing arts with over twenty-five years of experience working with over sixty thousand clients and trained over seventy practitioners through her Living School Wise Womb Medicine Path™. 

Naomi has a gift to meet you in presence and from there, anything is possible. Naomi has been featured on Self Cervix, Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, Purely Balanced Podcast, and Susan Weed’s Blog Talk Radio to name a few. She has an ability to orchestrate deep transformation both in one on one sessions and in her teaching. Be prepared to go deep, laugh, cry and fully come home to yourself. 

Naomi will be offering one on one healing sessions in your area if you would like to schedule visit the links below. 

Cost: $45.00