Wise Womb + Medicine 

Womb Ceremony


Wise Womb Medicine is a holistic modality that addresses the physical position of the organs as well as the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of women’s health, supporting women’s empowerment through earth centered & taoist healing practices, nutrition, herbal medicine, spiritual healing and wise womb massage.

Wise Womb Massage focuses on the breath, breasts, womb and yoni. Womb Massage is done through the abdomen to gently coax the womb into optimal position. Wise Womb Massage is specific for women suffering from any symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle and digestive health, it is also indicated for fertility issues, and is a great support for fertility treatments, IUI, IVF, and throughout pregnancy and postpartum.  Women of all ages and in all stages of life benefit from womb massage.

All Wise Womb Medicine Healing Sessions May Include; 

Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Wise Womb Massage, Moon Mapping, **Yoni Unwinding.


Wise Womb + Healing - You will learn your personal rhythms and cyclical nature. You will begin to build a sacred relationship to your body, to your blood and to your womb space. Learn the keys to unlocking the secret code of your womb and how to heal menstrual irregularities, and how to achieve a healthy cycle. These sessions are for women of any age, and specific for women suffering from PMS, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and any other symptoms associated to being a woman. 


Wise Womb + Preconception - Supporting you through the sacred time of preconception, preparing mind, body and spirit to call in your divine child. Sessions will dive deep into the many aspects of cultivating fertility including; living, eating and relating. 


Wise Womb + Pregnancy - Pregnancy is a sacred time for the mother to be. We work with the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of womb health, coaxing the womb into optimal alignment to ensure a more easeful birth.  


Wise Womb + Postpartum - Is a sacred time that is often lost and forgotten, mothers are now focused on being a mother, and often struggles to take time out for herself. It is important to apply certain wise womb techniques to restore the womb space, to knit the mother back together on the physical level as well as to reclaim her womb space. Postpartum sessions also include a 40  day Postpartum Self Care Guidebook to support the mom and family through food, nourishment, and includes specific practices to support healing and restoration of the body post birth. 


Wise Womb + Ceremony - These in person ceremonies are a powerful way to clear the past traumas, lovers and ancestral cords. To heal wounds held in the womb and to restore vitality in your sacred womb space. For those who have had a hysterectomy we work to build a sacred womb cave, and cultivate a deep connection to the spirit of  your womb. 

**Yoni Unwinding is an advanced technique of Wise Womb Medicine and is used to clear trauma, past lovers, pain and loss of sensation in the yoni space.