Naomi Love

Aloha Beautiful, Welcome... I am Naomi Love. Let me share with you a little about myself and my work.... Let's see if we are a match for working together. 


The experiences I have had in my life led me to my path at a young age. I have been deeply walking my medicine path for my entire life and it has become my life's work. I have been given the GREAT responsibility of being a Healer, a Priestess, A Shamaness, a Sacred Space Holder a Teacher and Mentor. I did not choose the path, it chose me. It is why I am here. The path may sound cool to those who look at it from the outside and my loves it is beautiful and it is also fu**ing challenging. The path of a healer means we have to step up, to dig deep, to pioneer, to captain unchartered territories of our inner and outer worlds. It means we have to walk through many hardships and alchemize our experiences so we can truly help you through yours. 


My medicine is congruent, strong, bold and powerful, it is nurturing, loving, soft and kind. It is authentic and supportive. I will be honest with you, I will call Bull Shit when needed, I will own what is mine and I will hand you back the projections you may try to send my way. Because this work of unravelling what we believe and who we think we are can challenge us so greatly, it can be much easier to project outward to make others wrong, because we are at the core deeply afraid to look beneath the surface. It's ok, too, to be afraid... We welcome all of you to be present. And in order to work with me, you must be willing to take responsibility for yourself. 


After working with over 60,000 clients in over twenty five years I have been guided to share my body of work through our school, Wise Womb Medicine Path which is a Living School teaching the Temple and Healing Arts. Sharing the Medicines of Mother Earth, Divine Wisdom & Great Spirit with women around the world, we offer virtual programs and wise womb apprenticeships, creating sacred space for women to apprentice with their own Womb Wisdom and with Spirit while also sharing with them powerful life changing tools to weave their embodiment of this work to their communities and into their lives...    

I am a Master Weaver, a Facilitator for Spirit and a Guide for Self Mastery; I am a Sacred Space Holder, a Truth Seeker, a Tracker of the Unseen Realms within and without.

I am is a Wisdom Keeper. I am a Ceremonialist and Facilitator. A Master Body Worker, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Clinical Nutritional Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Whisperer, Evolutionary Alchemist, Yoga Instructor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Medium and Channel, Sacred Feminine Facilitator, Tao Tantric Priestess, Priestess for the Goddess Ixchel, Medicine Maker, Intimacy & Relationship Coach. I weave my twenty plus years of education masterfully with my life experiences, and am able to track the unseen realms to support YOU, I truly meet you, in loving presence and from there, anything is possible.

I have deeply studied human behavior and the Art of Relating and have received a powerful body of work directly from pure love consciousness who I refer to as Spirit, that helps us to understand ourselves and teaches us how to live more congruently with our true medicine. 

I support you in unravelling what isn't true and what is in the way of truth. This work can challenge who you believe yourself to be and what it is that you believe to be true. It may challenge how you see the world and how you are inside of it... Knowing that in order to free ourselves from what is holding us hostage within ourselves, is totally worth the contraction and expansion back to contraction that happens in the awakening process.”Healing isn’t always pretty”

I offer my personal work via In Person or Remote Sessions, Mentorship, Signature Programs, Personalized Ceremonies Retreats. Working with everyone who is ready.

If you are ready to step into and onto the path of your own personal awakening, to be more congruent with yourself, with your medicine path then I invite you to schedule a Free Discovery call... If you are not ready yet my loves, that is ok too! Bookmark this page, and come back when you feel an opening. 




Who are you ready to become?

I can help you on your path of remembrance... supporting you in relearning and remembering the truth of your divine expression... 



  • Do you want to cultivate more harmonious relationships?

  • Do you feel you need to clear energy from the past?

  • Would you like to learn how to navigate your emotional waters?

  • Do you have a desire to connect more deeply to your heart?

  • Would you like to develop a greater capacity for intimacy?

  • Would you like to RECLAIM your souls gifts?

  • Are you ready for a transformational awakening?

  • Do you need to bring more healing to the ancestral realm?

  • Would you like to deepen your capacity to connect to the helping spirits?

  • Would you like to have a pain free menstrual cycle?

  • Do you suffer from menstrual irregularities, or do you struggle with digestive issues?

  • Would you like to reclaim your Womb Space?

  • Are you curious about conscious conception, fertility, medical intervention and how to prepare your body for these processes?

  • Are you pregnant or have you had a child in the last year?

  • Are you wondering what foods to eat and how to live more optimally?

  • Would you like to learn tools to help you navigate your inner world with more ease and grace?

  • Are you wanting a personal or community ceremony?



What if...

You lived in a world where we were each walking our authentic medicine paths, connected to our inner wisdom, to our hearts, in reverence of our bodies...

What if you could meet resistance and fear with breath and presence and knew they were nothing to run or hide from, rather you knew it was ok, it was safe to feel whatever's moving through you.

What if you could be in alignment with the truth of your heart, with your womb and with the moon...

What if we related to one another from a place of true authenticity, loving kindness and respect. What if we all understood our true nature and what it meant to be in alignment with ourselves, Mother Nature, with the helping spirits, with all that is... Imagine how you could feel in your life, in your body, if this was possible.

This IS possible, and it starts with YOU.


Now Is Your Time..

I am here to support you on your path to awakening.


Deep, Powerful & Transformative Life Changing Support 

Working with Women, Men & Couples

remote sessions

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions are powerful beyond what one can imagine. Similar to the way a traditional Shaman drums, dances or sings to go into an altered state of consciousness, in remote sessions I journey to unseen realms without leaving my physical location to meet what is present in your energy field, clearing out of that of which is out of alignment, creating space to call you home to your harmonious natural state of being. Remote sessions are not limited by time and space therefore I am able to apply all my gifts to these sessions. 

in person

In-Person Sessions

Sacred space is set for you to arrive, to be held and witnessed in the truth of what is present for you. In this space all of you is welcomed and honored. We visit the places of discomfort and relearn new ways of perceiving and internalizing your experiences.  What shows up in each session will determine the focus and modalities used to support your healing and transformation. Sessions vary depending on what is present for you and what you are coming in for.



Flower Essence Consultations

Wise Womb Medicine

Art of Love & relating


Ceremonial Offerings

Cacao, Fire, Womb, Pre-wedding, Healing Blessing Way, Land Blessings & Death Rituals

Signature Programs

Personal Retreats



Working with Naomi you are held with nurturance, and care. I know Naomi from other circles and connections in the community, she resonates with me beyond what she does. The medicine she carries, the language she speaks, the uniqueness of her, I recognize within myself. I have studied with Naomi for the last two years and am truly devoted to walking this path with her. I highly recommend stepping into this deep, alchemical, divine healing for yourself.
— Brandy Wade
Working with Naomi is like nothing else. Her holistic approach makes each session perfectly tailored to whatever is in your here and now. Her approach and methods gives so much more than meets the eye. The healing occurs in so many realms. All who visit are truly blessed to be in her presence and be the receiver of such gifts.
— Jassalyn Bradbury
Working with Naomi brings me home. Every time I’ve washed up on her shores shipwrecked and disconnected from my depths, I’ve left again feeling whole, embodied and attuned to myself in a new way. She is a kind of an angel, a shamaness, a messenger and oh yes, a healer. Are you looking for soul-level support? If a feather fell from the sky and landed in your hand, what would you do with it?
— Carl Baccellieri

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