Naomi Love

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Let’s begin by sharing a little about Naomi Love, she is a Wisdom Keeper and Masterful Facilitator. Naomi teaches internationally and has been a Pioneer in the healing arts with over twenty-five years of experience working with over sixty thousand clients and trained over seventy practitioners through her Living School Wise Womb Medicine Path™. 

Naomi has a gift to meet you in presence and from there, anything is possible. Naomi has been featured on Self Cervix, Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, Purely Balanced Podcast, and Susan Weed’s Blog Talk Radio to name a few. She has an ability to orchestrate deep transformation both in one on one sessions and in her teaching. Be prepared to go deep, laugh, cry and fully come home to yourself.

Naomi has taught internationally including; India, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. She is currently on teaching tour in the United States : If you would like to schedule or register for a class click the link below.

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In this touching video below, Naomi’s clients share their deep and profound experience of working with her.

Deep, Powerful & Transformative

Working with EVERYONE.

remote sessions

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions are powerful beyond what one can imagine. Similar to the way a traditional Shaman drums, dances or sings to go into an altered state of consciousness, in remote sessions Naomi journeys to unseen realms without leaving her physical location to meet what is present. Sessions go wherever your intention is. Mentorship, Couples Support, Personal Healing.


In-Person Sessions

“Naomi’s in person sessions are the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life. Her mastery and ability to meet you, is truly a gift. You can expect to go deep, to go into the realms of yourself while held in the sacred. Drums, song, plants, ritual, sound, breath, smells and masterful touch…”

Working with women, men, children and couples.

Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. This speaks to me of the deepening that is happening in our collective consciousness where the need for singularitys of spiritual power are being transmuted into a collective offering where we call forth from one another our highest gifts but also find the willingness to step into one another’s darkest nights as witnesses of love. One of Naomi’s gifts is her enormous devotion to authenticity. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.

Sessions and Packages are Non-Refundable

A little Glimpse into the possibilities…


Working with Naomi you are held with nurturance, and care. I know Naomi from other circles and connections in the community, she resonates with me beyond what she does. The medicine she carries, the language she speaks, the uniqueness of her, I recognize within myself. I have studied with Naomi for the last two years and am truly devoted to walking this path with her. I highly recommend stepping into this deep, alchemical, divine healing for yourself.
— Brandy Wade
Working with Naomi is like nothing else. Her holistic approach makes each session perfectly tailored to whatever is in your here and now. Her approach and methods gives so much more than meets the eye. The healing occurs in so many realms. All who visit are truly blessed to be in her presence and be the receiver of such gifts.
— Jassalyn Bradbury
Working with Naomi brings me home. Every time I’ve washed up on her shores shipwrecked and disconnected from my depths, I’ve left again feeling whole, embodied and attuned to myself in a new way. She is a kind of an angel, a shamaness, a messenger and oh yes, a healer. Are you looking for soul-level support? If a feather fell from the sky and landed in your hand, what would you do with it?
— Carl Baccellieri